Write Your Business Into Life

In 2013 my life took an unexpected turn when I became the CEO of a tech startup company. I had never even downloaded an app, had very little knowledge of social media and couldn’t write a line of code to save my life. (Still can’t) But what I did have was writing. In the following 12 months, and working to a budget of zero, the app I designed shot to the top of the app store, reached top 3 in Google Rankings for product name and category, appeared in national and international press and secured a world-renowned expert as an ambassador.

This workshop takes you through the seven stages I took to get there, showing how anyone can write their business into life.

Full Day


Writing for Clarity

How much time and money do poorly written emails, unclear memos and impenetrable reports cost your company? Clear written communication is essential to efficiency, yet nearly everyone could be better at it.

This workshop shows a series of simple tricks and tools that can be implemented in any writing, from emails to white papers, to make sure your point gets across.

Half Day