We’re Not Busy. A Resolution for 2016.

Last year, whenever someone asked ‘how are you?’, I noticed that I’d reply: ‘Good. Busy.’

As if busy is a good thing.

In fact, sometimes people even say ‘Are you busy?’ and they mean ‘Are things going well?’

And of course busy is good, in some ways, because busy means there is work. There is important stuff to do.

But at the same time, busy suggests there is too much. That we’re not quite on top of it all.

You could say that busy is a state of mind. A way of looking at all the tasks that you’ve yet to do.

Seeing a to-do list and feeling busy is rarely conducive to the best work. For that, you must feel you can dedicate everything you have to the task at hand. Clear distractions and other tasks from your mind.

So this year we’re working hard. There’s lots to do. But we’re leaving busy back in 2015.

It’s a little lexical shift we’re adopting to make this year even better.

we're not busy

Leaving busy behind