I Wish I’d Listened to That Tramp Playing Guitar

Brisbane, 2001. A hot, humid afternoon, a busy pedestrian thoroughfare. A busker stands in front of a small plantation filled with birds of paradise and bromeliads.   At least I thought he was a busker. Then he started playing. His portable amp was turned up too loud, he struck out-of-tune strings with no respect for […]


Find Great Teachers

Freelance life musing from the Word Butler Journal.   Adam knows his stuff. 15 years of yoga practice and I’ve never felt poses so powerful. A few tweaks and I was tangled up, upside down, legs in the air, holding asanas it would have taken longer –  much longer – to get right alone. That’s […]


Making it Happen. What the Peg Talks are about.

One of my fondest memories from last year was seeing a friend surrounded by the realia of his dream. This is what it looked, sounded and smelled like. The growling coffee machines, the chiming cutlery, the wet coats thrown over the backs of wooden chairs. The counter top, sawmilled from the trunk of a tree […]

What a dream looks like

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5 Welsh Businesses with Great Blogs

If you’re a business owner of any size, then you’ve almost certainly been told at some stage that you should be blogging. But it’s not always so easy in practise. When you’re running your own business there are a million other things to do and writing 300 words on the 5 best ways to chop […]