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Ben Martin






I haven’t always been a Word Butler. In previous incarnations I’ve worked as a writing lecturer in the University of Swansea, South Wales, a landscape gardener in the Eden that is New Zealand and an ambassador for the English language in Japan. I’ve also been the lead guitarist in a wedding band and can still do a mean Billie Jean on request.

The constant through it all has been my love of words. I love to craft them into vibrant, engaging sentences; to put a message across in just the right way. That might mean telling your company story or designing a social media strategy that will draw your customers in. It might mean good-old fashioned direct sales, or it could be the words for a killer presentation.

I am lucky enough to have a varied and interesting portfolio of clients and am grateful to them for the work they provide. I love working with ambitious, inspiring companies (very possibly like yours), and have a particular soft spot for artists, start-ups and companies looking to make a difference.

I am based in Swansea, South Wales, but provide copywriting services for clients from all over the UK and still work regularly with businesses as far away as New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. Wherever your business is based I work hard to understand where your company is and where it wants to be, then write copy that will resonate with your target audience to help you get there.

I don’t have a niche – the variety of my work and the challenge of finding a fresh way to write about a product, person or place is why I love what I do.


Here are some other things I love:

Travel (5 continents and counting); Surfing; Teaching; Triathlons; Startups (here’s mine); my dog; Languages; Gardening; Literature; Fishing; Yoga; Arsenal FC; Healthy Eating; Tennis; Learning about Learning; France; Unhealthy Eating; Guitars; Great Music; Real Ale; Beach walks; Vans.


My Dog